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The House of Music

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4/22/05 08:29 pm - totaldrunk - Crossfade headlines at club revolution...

crossfade is playing club revolution june 7th. you can try to win tickets off that shit 93.1 or just buy them 4/30. it will be a good show. i believe no adress is playing too as the two bands ARE touring together.

4/21/05 12:13 pm - fulltimethinker

Hey my bday party is next weekend and im freaking out cause the dj doesnt have any punk/rock/metal ect bands. all he has is mainstream so he wants me to dl some mixes for him but ive had so much going on my brain is fried... will you guys please comment with names of bands for me to download... it would be a MAJOR help! THANK YOU


3/17/05 02:59 pm - xingou

church, jesus

am i the only person boggled by the fact that these things DO NOT belong together?

a member of korn, whose name i can't remember right now, because i am in shock, has broken away from the band, is planning a trip to israel, and upon his return is going to pastor a church


3/15/05 03:57 pm - totaldrunk - crossfade/chevelle

saturday night i went to club revolution down here in Ft Lauderdale to see the following line up

Future leaders of the world

strata was pretty good they're drums were too loud kinda drowning out the rest of the band but all in all pretty good. bought their CD

future leaders of the world, if i could put it one one word, really really really sucks i mean they are bad i thought i had a bad voice for singing this guys made me want to rip my ears off this was the second time i'd seen them live, i almost didnt go just cuz i knew they were gonna be there.

Crossfade had no business coming out this early, so what if they only have 32 minutes of published material. they put on an infuckingcredible performance. the first time i saw them was 12/29/04 at the house of blues in orlando. there they were amazing making them one of my favorite bands on the spot. at revolution they put on such a performance that the rest of the night was almost meaningless.

Helmet came out not much to report, they make thier living on the orad, but theres a reason why they havent hit the big time after all these years.

chevelle, i almost broke both my ankles at the same time in a mosh pit the last time i saw them, you'd think i woulda learned. i was in the mosh pit for thier whole set. they play some kick ass live stuff. during one of their songs i ran my shoulder into someone's teeth i couldnt move my right arm by the time i left, i still think i was better off than him though (the show was saturday my arm is fine now his teeth arent). i got my ass kicked and had the greatest time of my life. i have never had that much fun at a concert. and when it was all said and done we were shaking each others hands as we left.

apr 2nd at club revolution skindred and nonpoint, i might not leave that one alive

3/15/05 09:04 am - rich_themundane

Greeting, all. I joined because my wife remipunx  joined, and I figured it'd be fun to argue about music with her on LJ. xingou  suggested I post my top ten on the main page, so here goes. I should mention I mostly listen to dark electronic music (industrial, ebm, etc.), but love talking about music in general.


1). Skinny Puppy
2). Download
3). Ministry
4). Pigface
5). Front Line Assembly
6). Velvet Acid Christ
7). Dead Voices on Air
8). Front 242
9). Delerium
10). Snog


3/15/05 11:11 am - vanilla_milk

Right, xingou - have joined! Even though I do kind of feel out of place. A tad. But hello everyone *nervous wave* Where do I start... hm... top ten bands? (not bloody likely, I have like... a hundred... but here is some anyway)

1. The Libertines
2. Kaiser Chiefs
3. Blur
4. Apartment
5. The Faint
6. yourcodenameis:milo
7. Daft Punk
8. The Futureheads
9. Babyshambles
10. Weezer

... on top of this I am completely obsessed with Beck. He is my Jesus. I also like things like Rufus Wainwright, Patrick Wolf, Bright Eyes, Jet, The Vines, Dogs, Be Your Own Pet, The Subways, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bloc Party... I'm a dirty garage rocker. *shrug*

3/13/05 11:40 pm - xingou

~this is crazedpunk btw~
my top ten... (or, well, the ten that i have thought about today...)
1. eminem
2. korn
3. orgy
4. linkin park
5. greenday
6. rage against the machine
7. blink 182
8. christina aguilera
9. godsmack
10. limp bizkit

god, there are so many other bands/musicians that i love...
i have been downloading stuff from my friend all day, it has been great

(is it just me or does this look like a top hits list from the late nineties? there i go showing my age)

3/12/05 04:23 am - totaldrunk - Top Ten Favorite Bands List

post your favorite bands here...

1. Shinedown
2. Bush
3. Crossfade
4. The Planet Smashers
5. Sublime
6. Disturbed
7. Skindred
8. AC/DC
9. Soulfly
10. Metallica

3/8/05 11:30 pm - remipunx - Ello all

I followed crazedpunk  here. I wanted to make a post to get a better idea of what music here listen to. I have really odd taste. I listen to just about everything. Really. I have a big love for pop, I have Brit and Backstreet CDs. I also dig rap, but only certain things. I love Public Enemy, NWA, and the latest Jay Z. Dre and Chuck D are friggin' mazing. I love old school indie rock. Liz Phair, Juliana Hatfield, Pete Droge, Paul Westerberg( I think I spelled some of those wrong, but it is a long walk over to where the CDs are).

But over all I listen the most to punk, goth, synth, and industrial. It took me a long time to be able to like industrial, but it is like a really bad infection, once you get it, your stuck with it. Ministry is probably my fav band, followed by more off the wall stuff like Pop Will Eat Itself. Punk wise I am all loving. Bring me your pop punk, your hardcore, your ska, I love it all. Okay, I don't get emo, but since I am not sure what it is, that is okay. Rancid are my boys. I will see them no matter what side project they are in. Tim is my future ex husband, and I am glad he is free of the hussy bitch of an ex.

Goth is what I mostly admit to others I listen to. Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, Bauhaus, old stuff. Real goth stuff. I DO NOT LIKE Marilyn Manson or Rammstein. Slip Knot is okay, but, it is not goth. I get really confused nowadays. I go to the goth club, and I hear Slip Knot. That seems wrong, but it might just be me.

Oh, and I am stuck in the 80's. Depeche Mode is the best band ever. If a band came out after the mid 90's I have a hard time realizing who they are.

Okay, so what do you all like, don't like, all that fun stuff.


3/8/05 05:10 pm - crazedpunk

i like fire
he he he

question... which ONE broken-up band would you like to see get back together?

mine is Rage Against The Machine
they were awesome, they need to come back
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