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3/5/05 01:32 pm - crazedpunk

i was thinking about this comm this morning and i had an idea, though i am not entirely sure how to go about it, i know a few people who can help me though
anyways, we should all download our favorite songs, or new songs or whatever (this is the part i need help figuring out how to do) and then post them in here for people to listen too and discuss
i just have to figure out the best way to post a song... i know it can be done, but i don't really think that yousendit is the best way
what do you think?

3/4/05 01:59 am - totaldrunk - note to everyone

can we please get some activity on this commuinty, please tell everyone on your friends list, and tell them to dot he same. also if theres something that should be added to the intrests list please let me know

2/23/05 12:25 pm - totaldrunk - working on layouts

im working on customizing this community, it will take some time as i am rahter busy but please feel free to suggest any changes you feel are appropriate

2/23/05 12:58 am - xdattax

hey dan so what's going to happen here?

btw: nice game tonight. :)

2/22/05 12:14 pm - crazedpunk


2/21/05 01:59 am - totaldrunk - No one here

just setting up, looking for members
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